Tree Removal

Tree Removal in Austin & Round Rock

Have dead trees in your yard that are a safety concern or eye sore? Certified Arbor Care performs tree removal in Austin and Round Rock for dead, diseased or unwanted trees. We love our trees and are often hesitant to recommend tree removal. We seek to save trees and restore them through proper care and trimming whenever possible. However, some trees are often beyond restoration and other pose a danger to homes and must be removed.

Our team of arborists and tree service crews know the proper equipment and procedures to safely remove trees. We will determine what equipment and safety precautions to take depending on the size of the size and location of the tree. We don’t recommend attempting tree removal as a do-it-yourself project. Hiring a professional tree removal service like Certified Arbor Care to do the work is your best option.

Reasons For Tree Removal

There are many reasons you may need Austin tree removal. Some common reasons are that the tree may be diseased or has died, or if there was severe weather that damaged your tree. Tree removal can greatly increase your home’s safety during a storm or hurricane. We’ve dealt with dangerous projects such as trees near power lines and have done post-storm clean up after extreme weather events. Maybe the tree is causing problems with your foundation or plumbing system or you are doing construction on your property and a tree is simply in the wrong location. Additional reasons for tree removal include:

  • Dying trees beyond restoration
  • Weak or dead trees that pose a danger to your home during strong wind or storm conditions
  • Remodeling your yard and landscape
  • Structural problems to foundation and plumbing
  • An oncoming storm that may blow over a weaken tree
  • Hail or strong winds in Austin, Texas that may cause a tree to fall
  • Landscape redesign that calls for the space in which the tree currently occupies

At Certified Arbor Care, we specialize in tree removal and are experienced in all sizes of trees. We are ISA Certified Arborists, and we are fully licensed and insured and we use proper equipment and techniques.

Tree Removal Costs

There are many factors that we consider when recommending tree removal in Austin. We first see if the tree is salvageable before ever recommending tree removal. Trees take years to grow and develop, so we are cautious to suggest permanent options. As far as cost is concerned, there are additional considerations that you should understand when it comes to tree removal, such as:

  • The height of the tree. The taller the tree, the more expensive performing tree removal usually is.
  • The width of a tree. The wider a tree is in diameter the more expensive it is to remove and cut down.
  • The density of a tree. Certain trees like oak that are very dense cause greater wear and tear on machinery and thus dictates a higher cost for tree removal.
  • The health of a tree. Usually a tree that is dead is softer and cheaper to remove than one that is alive and healthy.
  • Nearby property that could be damaged. We are extremely careful not to damage your home or property when performing tree removal.
  • Additional complications such as a nearby house or structure may factor into the final cost of tree removal.

Choosing Tree Removal

When choosing a company to perform tree removal in Austin, there are some considerations you may want to take account for. First off, as we have mentioned, most well-trained arborist are weary of tree removal and will make it as a last resort recommendation. Be cautious of tree contractors who lead with tree removal when there is not a clear cut need. Have your arborist answer any and all questions you may have about the condition of your tree before asking for tree removal. Many trees are salvageable and do not require tree removal. Lastly, be sure to get a written estimate of tree removal costs and stump grinding cost to weight out the benefits of your options.

Certified Arbor Care will ensure that your removal is done safely and without property damage. We will ensure that your property is left clean upon completion of the job. For your convenience, budget and consideration, Certified Arbor Care will give you several options for your tree removal needs.

Call us today for an Austin tree removal estimate!

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