Air Spade Services

An air spade can be an extremely effective tool to dislodge and remove soils around the base of a tree for specific tree care needs—when it is used by professional arborists. When the roots of your tree need to be carefully exposed for proper tree care, turn to Certified Arbor Care of Austin—a leader in the effective us of air spade services.

What Are Air Spade Services?

An air spade utilizes high-pressure air delivered from an air compressor through a hand-held wand and adjustable nozzle to effectively dig up and remove soils surrounding a tree, exposing the underground root system. An air spade allows tree care specialists to completely break up large clumps of soil and remove dirt to evaluate the root of trees without damaging sensitive roots. With an air spade, soil is excavated quicker, more safely and more effectively than a hand spade or other mechanical excavation methods, which can damage the roots and the tree. Plus, arborists at Certified Arbor Care of Austin have extensive experience and training on using an air spade effectively and safely.

Other Uses for Air Spade

Besides excavating soils around tree roots to allow for root inspections, there are several other uses for an air spade, including:

  • Aeration of soil. An air spade is highly effective in loosening compacted ground near a tree, allowing healthy amounts of air and water to nourish the tree.
  • Mulching. Openings spaded by the high-pressure air air spade lets water, nutrients and air to permeate the soil around the roots.
  • Preparing a tree for transplanting. Large amounts of soil can be removed quickly from roots to aid in removing a tree for transplanting.
  • Pruning of roots. An air spade is an effective tool in uncovering roots so they may be inspected by an arborist to identify roots that may be removed for purposes of construction near the tree.
  • Root collar exposure. An air spade is perfect for precise uncovering of roots to create a missing root collar, which is required for the health of a tree.
  • Trenching. An air spade can allow radial trench production that permits loosening and aeration of the surrounding soil.

Certified Arbor Care of Austin | The Air Spade Service Pros

Air spades allow careful excavation around trees and utilities as to not damage them, but effectively remove the surrounding soil. Air spade service technicians at Certified Arbor Care of Austin are highly experienced experts at using air spades. When you need to have soil around a tree removed to examine the root structure while protecting the structural integrity of the root system, call us for air spade service.

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