Tree Diagnosis & Tree Analysis

Whether your trees are damaged, diseased, overcrowded or in need basic or advanced care, Certified Arbor Care is on call to provide complete tree diagnosis and tree analysis services for home and business owners in the Austin Metropolitan Area.

Diagnosing and Analyzing the Many Issues Affecting Valuable Trees

We understand how valuable trees are to your property. Studies over the years have determined that lots with trees increase property values significantly. We help our clients make sound decisions in tree care by consulting with them on best options after thoroughly diagnosing, evaluating and analyzing the existing health and condition of trees and determining how this will affect the health and condition of the trees in the future.

Our holistic approach to tree care helps us to completely understand the environmental impacts affecting the health of your trees, diagnosing problems and using best practices to mitigate problems. We look at the big picture, reviewing the affects of diseases, insects, soils, environmental conditions, weather damage and man-made damage to trees. By assessing these factors, we will analyze best arborist practices to take to improve the health of the existing trees.

Professional Credentials in Tree Diagnosis and Tree Analysis

Certified Arbor Care offers fully licensed and insured commercial and residential tree diagnosis and tree analysis services by certified professional arborists. Certified Arbor Care is a member and Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. Our staff members are Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborists, working in collaboration with our experienced tree service crews. Each of our professional and certified arborists hold a forestry-related degree. We are proud to be Central Texas tree experts.

Tree Diagnosis and Tree Analysis Service Specialists

Certified Arbor Care is a full-service tree diagnosis and tree analysis specialist in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area, including diagnosis and analysis of:

  • Cankers.
  • Deformations.
  • Diseases.
  • Drought stress.
  • Environmental conditions.
  • Fungus.
  • Heat stress and sun scald.
  • Insect damage.
  • Mildews.
  • Soil density and drainage.
  • Soil nutrient problems.
  • Man-made damage.
  • Nutrient deficiencies.
  • Root rot.
  • Trunk and branch splitting.
  • Weather and storm damage.
  • Wilt.

Contact Tree Diagnosis and Tree Analysis

When your property requires expert tree diagnosis and tree analysis, contact Certified Arbor Care, for an estimate of your tree care needs. Give us call now to talk to one of our ISA Certified and Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborists.

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