Construction Site Protection of Trees

Existing healthy trees can add significant value to sites that are being developed and under construction. Construction site protection of trees not only will improve the attractiveness of the property, boost the curb appeal and raise the marketability of the property, but also increase property values.

Cutting down, mutilating, damaging or removing a tree during construction activities on site will wipe out the value of trees. Plus, some cities and towns mandate strict tree protection in building codes, requirements and guidelines. Additionally, trees damaged during construction and development exposes developers to liability and high-risk burdens that can be mitigated or eliminated with professional construction site protection of trees.

Full Service Commercial Tree Services and Commercial Arborist

Damage to to trees on construction sites are caused by numerous construction activities, including compaction of soil, digging, grading, operation of heavy equipment, pouring of concrete and trenching. Tree trunks and bark are often damaged, branches broken, roots torn and water absorption compromised.

Certified Arbor Care provides complete tree insect and disease management services in the Austin Metropolitan Area since 2006, including:

A professional tree service company will help you avoid the all-to-preventable tree damage during the construction process. Certified arborists can coordinate with you during the first steps of your planning to provide a tree protection regimen that will allow you to smoothly carry out your construction scheme while preventing damage to the mature and developing trees on site. Our tree experts can devise a traffic control plan to protect trees and compile a post-construction tree care plan to revitalize the trees with pruning, trimming, mulching, watering, fertilizing and soil treatments.

Construction Site Protection Specialists

Certified Arbor Care is a complete commercial tree service specialist in Austin, Texas, and the surrounding area, offering standard tree services:

  • Commercial tree services.
  • Residential tree services.
  • Lot clearing.
  • Oak wilt mitigation and management.
  • Spraying and fertilizing.
  • Tree maintenance and management.
  • Tree pruning.
  • Tree removal.
  • Tree protection
  • Tree Survey
  • Tree mitigation
  • Tree tomography
  • Storm damage cleanup and emergency tree removal.
  • Stump grinding and removal.

We also provide advanced professional tree services, including:

  • Tree care reports and recommendations.
  • Tree damage inspections.
  • Tree health evaluations.
  • Tree inspections.
  • Tree loss inspections.
  • Tree management.
  • Tree recovery and preservation recommendations.
  • Tree risk evaluations.
  • Neighboring tree disputes.
  • Advanced and routine tree inspections
  • Tree inventories.
  • Soil sampling and testing.

Tree Care Construction Site Protection Experts with Credentials

Certified Arbor Care—the tree care specialists since 2006—is a member and Certified Arborist with the International Society of Arboriculture. Our staff members are Texas Oak Wilt Certified Arborists, working in collaboration with our experienced tree service crews. Each of our professional and certified arborists hold a forestry-related degree, and we are Central Texas tree experts.

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