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Stump Removal
Made Easy

There is probably nothing that ruins the looks of landscaping more than a tree stump, but the good news is that professional stump removal can return a property to its former glory. Do you have a tree stump that gets in the way of enjoying your lawn to its fullest? Are you running circles around a tree stump while mowing your lawn? Has anyone nearly tripped over a tree stump in your lawn? Is an old tree stump taking up valuable space on your property? Take action now to get rid of that lawn hazard. Certified Arbor Care of Austin make stump removal easy. We will not only remove any stump but will properly return the soil and grade surrounding the stump and fully clean up the area to instantly return your lawn to a beautify condition.

Reasons Why We are the Tree Stump Removal Experts

Certified Arbor Care of Austin is the easy and affordable solution provider for stump removal of any kind. We remove all sizes of stumps of softwood and hardwood trees, fruit trees, shrubs and palm trees. We can handle more difficult stump removal, too, including stumps close to building foundations, fences, walls and property lines. Stump removal is clearly one of the tough jobs that should be left to the professionals. We know how to remove and grind stumps down to the roots and return the soil line to an optimal level so that the grade is even and beautiful again. We have the gear, know-how and equipment to handle any stump removal job, including chainsaws, grinders and vehicles to remove the debris. We will clean up and remove the stump grinding materials, and can provide topsoil to fill in the depression to create a level lawn.

We provide superior tree stump removal services in the Austin Metro area, and in communities of:

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Take a big step in enhancing your yard and property by getting rid of that ugly stump. Contact the professional tree stump removal team at Certified Arbor Care of Austin.

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