Ball Moss Removal

Are you concerned about the long-term health of trees on your property that have ball moss growing on them? Call the ball moss removal experts at Certified Arbor Care of Austin for help. Ball moss can grow fast and large on live oaks and other trees in the Austin area of Texas. Unsightly ball moss can grow on dead limbs and branches of trees, but does not kill branches or whole trees. Ball moss, however, can be hazardous to the health of a tree if it becomes so large that it blocks sunlight from entering branches and the canopy. If this is the case, contact Certified Arbor Care of Austin for professional removal of ball moss, typically by pruning and cutting it away from the tree. Dead limbs and branches are a hazard, and should be removed from the tree, too, to prevent accidents.

What is Ball Moss and How Should It Be Removed?

Ball moss is a flowering plant that develops and grows on a much larger plant, including live oaks and other trees common to Metro Austin and other areas of Texas. It is not a true parasitic plant, rather an epiphyte, which acquires water and nutrients from the surrounding air, precipitation and particles built up around a tree. It does not feed off the host plant like mistletoe, for example.

While chemicals can be effective in removing unattractive ball moss from trees, pruning and cutting methods are commonly used. The fully trained tree care experts at Certified Arbor Care of Austin are skilled in removing ball moss from trees, leaving the trees undamaged and in a healthy condition.

Call the Ball Moss Removal Experts

Call us if you have any questions about ball moss and removal methods. We would be glad to explain why our ball moss removal process is so effective. Certified Arbor Care are the experts in ball moss removal in the Austin Metro area, and in communities of:

We will provide you a inspection of your trees and a quote for any tree care, including ball moss removal. Call Certified Arbor Care of Austin today.

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