Certified Arbor Care is a Fully Insured Professional Tree Service Company Servicing the Communities of Austin & Round Rock, Texas

Our Team of ISA-Certified Arborists have the knowledge and experience needed to solve any tree-related problem you encounter and they pride themselves on their excellent quality of work and speedy response.

Tree Service Austin

We have you covered from Root to Shoot. Certified Arbor Care offers quality Austin tree service, tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, storm damage clean-up and emergency tree service.

We're a local, family-owned business that has been proudly serving customers in Austin and the surrounding areas since 2006. We have a commitment to provide outstanding tree service with complete customer satisfaction. We are fully insured and carry general liability and workman's compensation insurances.

Why Certified Arbor Care?

Making your Landscape Flourish

Our arborists understand that tree trimming and pruning is not only important to the aesthetic look of your home but also to the health of your trees. Different types and sizes of trees depend on proper trimming to promote healthy and desired growth. By removing dying or weakened sections, more resources can be spent by trees to grow healthy, strong branches.


Certified Arbor Care specializes in tree trimming, tree removal, and stump grinding in Austin and Round Rock.


Certified Arbor Care provides a variety commercial tree services in the Austin and Round Rock areas.


Certified Arbor Care is the premier
Austin & Round Rock arborist consultant service.


We evaluate your trees and make recommendations with confidence. Our Austin tree services can make your landscape flourish and thrive for generations.

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Great job! Your employees did a wonderful job trimming our trees. Clean-up was excellent also. Thanks.

by Lisa D.

Great job and great service. The workers put every effort to protect my wife’s plants and our septic drain field.

by Jack M.

Impressed by the hard work of everyone and the use of “yes sir” and “no sir”

by Bill R.

Frequently Asked Questions

NO, the crew will only seal wounds on oaks trees. Sealing the wound actually slows the healing process, however it is proven sealing oak trees helps prevent the spread of oak wilt.

If the arborist does not send you a proposal while on-site, you should have a proposal within 24 hours. If not check your spam folder for your email, if it is not there, please call our office.

Our crews take the same precautions regardless of time of year however if your specific scenario makes pruning during a certain time of year best for your trees the arborist will advise that on-site or in your proposal email.

Mother nature usually does a good job of fertilizing trees in the forest. In the urban forest it is often necessary to give the trees supplemental care due to the increased stress. The nutrient aspect of tree soil is significant for several reasons: tree health and growth, soil quality, environmental benefits, aesthetic value, prevention of soil erosion, longevity of your trees, and even your property value.

We schedule work closer to the job being completed to avoid having to reschedule when events out of our control come up (ie- weather, crew illnesses). You should receive your job date approximately 2 weeks before the work is to be completed. Example: if you approve work and we are 6-8 weeks out. Then you would receive your job date 4-6 weeks after the proposal acceptance date.

We send invoices after all service items are completed, unless agreed upon before performing our services. Invoice will be emailed and can paid online. If there is not an email address on file we will mail an invoice.

No we do not. We do not collect payment until the job is completed and our customers are satisfied with the work completed.

Typically the arborist does not trim your tree. He instructs the crew on the job with a site visit or if it is a routine job he may advise the crew over the phone or video chat with the crew.

The State of Texas does not license arborists. All our arborists are ISA Certified, most have a college degree in Forestry or related field

Insured: Yes!!!! We have general liability insurance to cover any property damage from an accident. We have workers’ compensation insurance for your protection, our protection, and our workers. This insurance would cover any job related accident to the our crews while on your property. All vehicles Certified Arbor Care uses for the job are protected by our Auto Insurance policy. We also carry an excess umbrella policy. This is an EXTRA insurance policy to cover anything beyond the limits of the previously mentioned insurances.

Bonded: We are not bonded, but on larger jobs we are sometimes required (or the client requests) a bond. These can be obtained for an additional fee.

All crews have an English speaking person on the crew. Some crews are more fluent than others, but the crews understand more English than they can communicate. Should an issue arise call your arborist or the office for assistance.

No, the office will email an invoice after the work is completed.

We give free estimates. If we are called out to just to give advice on a tree or trees, we may charge a fee. The office will advise of a consultation fee before the appointment is set up.

NO we do not use subcontractors for our tree work, All crews are employees of Certified Arbor Care.

Hiring a certified arborist ensures that the individual recommending work to your trees understands trees and is an advocate for the trees!

Unfortunately at this time we do not plant or transplant trees, but we do everything else but these two services.

Yes, we can help assist with permitting. This is a fee based service and varies from project to project. Call or fill out our contact form today to setup an appointment.

Spring and Fall are the ideal times to apply fertilizers and root stimulators.

TODAY! However, Fall is the best time to plant. Texas’ Arbor Day is the first Friday in November. Getting trees established before the our brutal summer heat sets is the key to a successful planting.

In Texas we are blessed with a very long growing period. We can prune all trees 365 days a year, that said it us up to the client to determine when is the best time to prune for them. In heavily infested oak wilt areas it may be beneficial to avoid pruning Feb through June. In our almost 20 years of service we have yet to have a client call us to say we pruned their trees in Spring and now they have oak wilt. Equipment sterilization and sealing wounds is key!

Trees prefer deep infrequent soakings. There is no magic time to run irrigation or perfect gallon per hour to water as each soil type is different and different trees require different amounts of water. See this helpful article about deep watering trees.  If you can stick a screwdriver easily into the soil…it is a deep soaking.

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