Root Crown Excavation

It is important to preserve a tree’s root collar exposure to maintain the health of a tree. A root collar—also known as a root neck or root crown—is where the roots of the tree meet the trunk of the tree in a flare or angle. In other words, if a tree’s trunk does not have a flare where it meets the ground, it was likely planted too deeply in the first place. Because root collars should be unburied, exposed to the air and exposed to the above-ground temperature, root collar exposure if vital to the health and longevity of the tree. There are effective remedies for trees lacking a root collar, and our team of ISA-certified arborists at Certified Arbor Care of Austin can help you.

What is Root Crown Excavation and What Can Be Done?

So often, homeowners, businesses and landscapers unknowingly damage or even kill trees by planting them too deeply or by applying too much mulch or soil. Mulch and soil should not touch the root crown lest it jeopardize the health of the tree. Find out if your tree is planted too deep or has too much mulch applied. Aborists at Certified Arbor Care of Austin can evaluate your trees to determine if root crown excavation will improve the health of your trees. We use careful and effective root crown excavations to effectively expose the crown to necessary air and light while avoiding any damage to the sensitive roots.

The Root Crown Excavation Solution Providers

Proper root collar excavation will remove mulch and soil surrounding the root crown so that the root flare is uncovered and exposed to the air and light that it needs to help the tree grow in a healthy manner. Certified Arbor Care are known as the experts in root collar exposure management in the Austin Metro area, and in communities of:

Contact Certified Arbor Care of Austin for Root Crown Excavation Management

Generally, if a tree has bark, it needs to be exposed to the air and light. Covering the root crown, that portion of the bottom of a tree that flares from the tree to the ground, can be devastating to a tree. Call us for a consultation about Your root crown excavation services to protect your trees. Contact us today.

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