Crown Reduction Pruning

Crown reduction pruning must be carefully executed to prevent excessive damage to trees. Call the trusted tree care professionals at Certified Arbor Care of Austin when you have questions about crown reduction pruning. Our expert tree care technicians understand the crown reduction is a more significant method of cutting and pruning trees and requires great care to avoid further damaging them.

Crown Reduction Pruning: What Is It Exactly?

Crown reduction pruning, while a more comprehensive pruning process that can severely damage a tree if not executed properly, may be necessary in certain circumstances, such as:

  1. Removing branches from trees that are damaging buildings, structures, walls and fences.
  2. Protecting utility and power lines from being damaged and obstructed by tree branches.
  3. Preserving limbs by reducing the weight they are carrying.
  4. Reshaping a tree that has been injured by storm and wind damage, and from poor tree-trimming jobs.
  5. Preventing adjacent property damage from thunderstorms, wind storms and ice.

The tree care professionals at Certified Arbor Care of Austin are highly skilled at crown reduction pruning, cutting back the weight from branch ends, eliminating cracked, damaged and dead limbs, allowing trees to develop healthy branches that will make up the structure of a new crown and helping build up the structural integrity of the tree. It can also foster healthy grown in aging and stunted trees.

When Crown Reduction Pruning May Be Needed

Crown reduction pruning is a significant tree branch trimming and cutting process, and may need to be done in multiple sessions, to avoid shocking the tree with too many pruning cuts and too much material removed from the tree. We know how to use the correct pruning cut techniques and to properly select which branches and where the cuts should be made to avoid significant damage to your valuable trees. We avoid performing the undesirable and damaging tree topping and tree lopping practices, which maim trees and can cause pest and disease infestations in the injuries to the trees.

If you have questions about how we can perform crown reduction pruning to fix issues with your trees, contact Certified Arbor Care. We can perform an evaluation and provide an estimate for crown reduction solutions for your valuable trees.

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