Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation: How to Save Your Valuable Shade Trees

A consultation with a tree preservation expert can help answer your questions on how to best care for and save vulnerable trees on your property. Certified Arbor Care of Austin specializes in both preventative and curative arbor care for trees in the wide spectrum of their lifecycle, including young, growing and mature trees. We find effective tree preservation solutions for any tree issue such as:

  • Cabling, bracing and support.
  • Compacted soil.
  • Damaged trees, trunks and limbs.
  • Diseased trees.
  • Insect infestations.
  • Prevention of damage from construction.
  • Root damage.
  • Tree risk assessment.

Professional Tree Preservation Service

It is far easier and less expensive to prevent damage to trees rather than have to deal with aftermath of the damage or destruction of trees following construction, development or storm damage. Our tree preservation professionals can meet on site to survey trees at risk, identify hazards and issues, and offer effective and affordable solutions to mitigate damage to trees and return them to optimal health.

A consultation with a member of our certified team of tree preservation experts is the first step towards maintaining strong, healthy and vibrant trees, preserving the valuable assets on your property. It is a good idea to have the trees on your property examined even if no obvious problems are visible. Growing and mature trees may pose some of the greatest risks of failure and liability during storms and high winds. Tree preservation measures can not only reduce the risk of tree failure, but beautify your landscaping and maximize the health of your trees.  

The Leaders in Tree Preservation

Certified Arbor Care of Austin, established in 2006, has a team of arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We are the experts in tree preservation of all species of trees common to the Austin Metro area, and in surrounding communities of:

Questions about Tree Preservation? Call Today

Are you wondering if a tree can be saved through tree preservation measures? Call the friendly and knowledgeable arborist team at Certified Arbor Care of Austin.

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