Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding In Austin & Round Rock

Stump grinding by Certified Arbor Care increases the beauty of your landscape in Austin and Round Rock. Stump grinding should be included as part of most quality tree removal services. Tree stump removal often requires heavy equipment that you, and most homeowners, do not have access to. We have been removing stumps from Austin’s yards and bringing back landscape to their original conditions since 2006.

While stump grinding is often recommended for aesthetics more than safety factors that tree removal is suggested for, it is still a necessary component of the tree removal process. Our licensed and insured arborists have the machinery needed to perform proper stump grinding in Austin. We are ready and have the proper equipment to aid in the removal of every type of stumps.

Reasons for Stump Removal

Stump grinding is often performed to improve the aesthetic look of a yard by returning it to its original condition or in preparation for the remodeling of a yard. Our arborist will usually recommend that you include stump grinding as part of the tree removal processes as it greatly improves the beauty of most yards. Reasons for Austin stump grinding and removal include:

  • Enhancing the beauty of your yard by removing unsightly stumps
  • Increasing your property value in order for resale value
  • Freeing up your land so that you can remodel your landscape or plant a new tree in the occupied space
  • Opening up your lawn space so you and your family can enjoy outdoor activities on your property

Determining Factors In Stump Grinding

Stump grinding equipment, cost, and needed expertise are dependent on many factors. To perform proper removal of stump from your property, we advise you consider the following factors:

  • The diameter of the stump that you are trying to remove
  • The type of tree and density of stump that you are requesting stump grinding on
  • How deep the roots of the particular tree goes
  • Nearby property or landscape that could potentially be harmed by the execution of stump grinding
  • The necessity and coordination of tree removal and stump grinding to save both time and money

Stump Grinding Equipment

We will use the best suited equipment for your specific project. Our arborists will visit your home at your convenience to measure the width, density, and depth of a stump you want removed. We will then determine if there are other factors such as nearby property or extra complications to the job. We will provide a number of options to help you decide the best path to culturing a healthier, prettier yard. Additionally, we ensure that we will clean up the area of debris and leave your landscape looking great.

Our arborist will give a free written estimate of your tree removal and stump grinding project. We will also discuss the future use of the ground where the stump grinding will take place and complete the project with your goals in mind.

Call Certified Arbor Care to discuss your stump grinding and tree removal needs today!

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