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Tree fertilization services provided by the professional commercial tree care experts at Certified Arbor Care, Metro Austin, Texas, that will help keep your trees looking and growing great in your landscaping. Our ISA-certified commercial arborists are comprehensively trained in all areas of tree care, including tree fertilization to provide all of the required nutrients for top health, growth and photosynthesis of your valuable trees.

Tree Fertilization as an Important Component of Total Commercial Tree Care Service

There are clear signs that trees are unhealthy and need adequate fertilization to improve their health. Lack of proper nutrients in the soil can contribute to loss of leaves, leaf size getting smaller, discoloration of leaves, stunted growth and other growth deformities. When you discover any of these symptoms or witness other problems with the trees on your property, call Certified Arbor Care, Austin, the trusted professionals in complete commercial tree care and tree fertilization. Our certified tree experts are available for consultation for commercial tree services, including tree fertilization regimens.

Call us to meet with one of our certified tree care specialists to discuss tree fertilization plans that will help your trees stay healthy and help nutrient-deficient trees return to proper health and beauty in your commercial landscaping.  

Proper tree fertilization is an important part of commercial tree care and maintaining the health of shade trees, fruit trees and ornamental trees in a commercial setting. Tree fertilization assists in:

  • Maximizing the good health and longevity of trees.
  • Improving the color of foliage.
  • Increasing the size and thickness of leaves.
  • Boosting the ability of the tree to flower and grow fruit.
  • Proper root development and rehabilitating tree root systems.

Serving Metro Austin for Commercial Tree Fertilization Care

Let Certified Arbor Care, Austin, maintain the proper nutrient balance in the soil for your trees to thrive. We know when to add the right nutrient mix and where to add it to prevent excess fertilization. Healthy trees will be less prone to damage caused by insect, pest and disease. Our expert team understands the most effective fertilization methods for the adjacent soil and how to apply the right amount of fertilizer to mitigate problems caused by other nearby trees that compete for necessary nutrients and rob particular trees of the valuable nutrients they needs to grow properly.

Certified Arbor Care is an active member of the International Society of Arboriculture, Society of Commercial Arboriculture and American Society of Consulting Arborists.

Certified Arbor Care is the tree care services leader for tree trimming and tree pruning in the Austin Metro area, including the surrounding communities.

Call Us for Expert Commercial Tree Care and Tree Fertilization Services

Allow your valuable trees to reach their healthiest potential. Protect your investment in one of the biggest components of your commercial landscaping through proper and professionally managed tree fertilization. Our certified commercial arborist team at Certified Arbor Care, Austin, is ready to help you achieve optimal tree care health and provide expert tree fertilization. Find out how we can help by calling our team now for an evaluation and estimate on site.

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