Drought Services

If you are trying to manage trees in your landscape that are suffering from prolonged heat and little rain, call Certified Arbor Care of Austin for help. Trees in a drought zone are under extreme stress and need extra care to survive and even thrive under the hottest and driest conditions.

Drought Services and Tree Care | Certified Arbor Care of Austin

Certified Arbor Care of Austin offers a variety of drought services for tree care, including selection of water-wise trees native to the Austin Area, which will add color, shade and variety to landscapes. Proper watering is only one of the many ways to protect trees during drought conditions.

Proper mulching, fertilization, pest management and pruning assist in keeping trees healthy during the stressful period of prolonged drought. Additional drought-related arbor care services provided by Certified Arbor Care of Austin include:

  • Consultation on water-wise tree selection and location
  • Mulch application
  • Pruning and trimming
  • Watering plans

Signs Your Trees Are Suffering from Drought Conditions

Prolonged drought can be devastating for the trees in your landscape. Look for the many signs that your trees many be suffering from and exposed to damage by drought. Some of these signs are:

  • Branches dying.
  • Canopy that is getting thin and bare.
  • Leaves curling.
  • Leaves discoloring.
  • Leaves drying up and turning brown.
  • Leaves falling off trees.
  • Leaves scorching.
  • Leaves wilting.
  • Presence of leaf-eating and wood-boring pests.

Drought Services Area for Certified Arbor Care

Call professional arborists if you are worried about the affects drought is having on your trees. Certified Arbor Care is the leader in drought services for trees in the Austin Metro area, and in communities of:

Call Us for Drought Services

If you need help figuring out the proper amount and frequency to water your trees and care for them during prolonged hot and dry weather, call Certified Arbor Care of Austin today. We are here to help you take great care of your trees, especially during the most demanding times of the year, including periods of drought. Call us for a consultation on drought services for your trees today.

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