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As professional San Marcos providers of arborist and tree care services, Certified Arbor Care offers the ultimate in tree care for your San Marcos property. From precision pruning, tree disease diagnosis, treatment and risk management, the certified arborists on our team are highly experienced, skilled and professionally trained to provide the best care for the trees in the Metro Austin and San Marcos, Texas, area. Mitigate the risks to your property and maximize the health of your trees with help from Certified Arbor Care. Discover the most beautiful appearance of your landscaping with a refresh brought to you by our San Marcos arborists and tree service team, experts in perfect tree planting, trimming, pruning and maintaining existing, established trees. Find out what a difference well maintained trees will make on your property. Contact us today to schedule a convenient on-site San Marcos arborist and tree service free consultation and estimate.

Better Tree Health Brought to You by Certified Arbor Care

Our arborists are beyond proficient. They are certified experts in tree care for Metro Austin and San Marcos, Texas. Our comprehensive tree services for residential and commercial properties include:

Since 2006, Certified Arbor Care has offered expert arborist and tree care services for the Greater Austin Metro Area, San Marcos, Texas, and the communities of:

Expert Advice, Consultations and Estimates to Enhance Your Trees

Do you need emergency tree services following a storm? Are you way behind in having your trees properly pruned, trimmed, thinned and maintained? Are you in desperate need of finding out the cause of disease to trees on your property? Turn to the experts for arborist and tree care services for San Marcos, Texas—Certified Arbor Care. Get a start on maximizing the health of your trees and improving the livability, enjoyment and potential of your property by calling the San Marcos arborist and tree care experts—Certified Arbor Care!

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