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Do you have a downed limb or tree that needs emergency tree service? Do your trees need professional trimming or pruning? Do you have a dead tree or unsightly stump that needs removal? Call the expert arborists for Johnson City at Certified Arbor Care for comprehensive tree care services. We have years of experience caring for trees in the Metro Austin and Johnson City area, and have studied the types or trees that flourish in our region of Texas and the diseases and environmental conditions that affect their growth and livelihood. When you need fast, precision and affordable tree care for your property, get in touch with the Johnson City arborists at Certified Arbor Care.

Johnson City Total Tree Care Service Experts

Our expert Johnson City arborists know tree care from precision tree trimming and tree fertilization to oak wilt management and mistletoe removal. Our goal is to save and preserve trees first, focusing on solving tree issues involving tree injuries, disease, parasitic plants, drought and other problems. And, if unfortunate consequences combine to put a tree at ultimate risk, we use professional arborist judgement and years of experience to help you make a decision to remove limbs and trees that are hazardous to property and people. Our team of Johnson City arborists also are experts at precision removal of stumps that eliminate safety hazards and improve the appearance of your property.

Certified Arbor Care has served residential and commercial customers in Metro Austin and Johnson City since 2006 with comprehensive tree care services, including:

Best Recommendations for Taking Care of Your Johnson City Trees

Trees are very valuable to your property, providing life-supporting oxygen, cool shade, wind blockage and beauty. What can you do to maintain healthy trees on your Johnson City property?

  • Go easy on pruning. Moderate, selective pruning after growth in a season is okay, along with eliminating dead branches. 
  • Provide adequate water. Regularly water trees for the first two years and when trees are affected by drought conditions. Use deep watering techniques to maintain healthy roots. Avoid overwatering trees.
  • Add mulch around the base of the tree to keep in moisture, but avoid the mulch touching and possibly damaging the trunk.
  • Rely on a certified Johnson City arborist for professional consultation on disease and pest control and on advanced ways to protect the trees on your property. 

Comprehensive Tree Care Specialists for Johnson City

As an Accredited Business with Better Business Bureau, maintaining an A+ rating, Certified Arbor Care provides the widest range of tree services for Metro Austin and Johnson City. We are participating members of the International Society of Arboriculture, the Society of Commercial Arboriculture and American Society of Consulting Arborists. We maintain professional certifications, have extensive experience at a Johnson City arborist with the skills, personnel and equipment to take on everyday tree care service and advanced care for trees of all kinds.

Certified Arbor Care provides routing and emergency tree care services throughout Metro Austin and Johnson City, Texas, including:

When You Need Expert Tree Care in Johnson City, Call Us

Maintaining healthy trees is easy when you rely on the Johnson City arborist experts––Certified Arbor Care. We make residential and commercial trees easy, convenient and affordable. Call our team for professional Johnson City arbor care, which will keep your trees beautiful, healthy and strong!

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