Welcome our newest member of our fleet.  A 72′ spider lift, that can fit through most back yard gates. I Have a hazard tree that we can’t climb?  Well it is no longer an issue this thing is unreal! It makes reaching the tallest palm tree a breeze.  Often times tree services do not have the proper equipment to reach tall palms, we do!  Often times tree service companies put their climbers in hazardous trees or trees not safe to climb, no we have a safe option!   Hazard trees can be deadly do NOT take the risk. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

All we need for access is a 36″ gate which is standard for most yards.  When to outriggers are deployed it only takes up 12′ by 12′ area!  It’s safe, It’s fast, and the cool thing is…it does not get tired of climbing or working!

After taking down your hazard tree look into our stump grinding services to complete the project.

We look forward to offering this service to our already expansive tree services.  Root to Shoot We’ve Got You Covered!  Call the office today 512.671.8733 to schedule an appointment with one of our degreed, ISA Certified Arborists to assist you with all your tree care needs.  No tree job too big or too small.  Insured for your protection and ours.  Locally owned and operated.