We are proud to be one of the first companies in Austin, Texas to own the Arbotom Impulse Tomograph by Rinntech.  What in the heck is that you ask? Well the technical information can be found here Arbotom by Rinntech, but it is a tool that allows us to see inside the tree.  The Arbortom measures the time it takes the sound to travel from one sensor to the next.  We can use this data to detect decay, cavities, or cracks within the tree.

Why is this useful?  Well it can help builders, developers, and homeowners make sound decisions about protecting or removing heritage trees (especially helpful with City of Austin Tree Ordinances).  The Arbotom helps give us scientific information to back why the heritage tree should be removed with little or no mitigation or perhaps just how sound the tree is despite its looks and should be saved.  It is fast, environmentally friendly, and can be very cost effective (when compared to mitigating trees at 100% health, when trees could be rated much less).

Image 1 shows a tree with decay breaching the shell wall and image 2 shows at sound tree.  Image 1 could be one way the Arbotom can be used as tool to help remove Heritage trees with little mitigation.  As it shows the tree is more of liability versus an asset.  Or on the contrary as in Image 2 of why the tree should be saved, even it means 100s of thousands of dollars moving the tree.   While even sound trees can fail at least we can get an image of the trees inside structure to help better assess the tree.

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